At a Crossroads: How I Adjusted and Changed My Plans During the Pandemic

After some massive blows – the semester’s abrupt end, the cancellation of my summer internship, and the indefinite postponement of study abroad due to the pandemic – there were days when I could barely get out of bed because I just did not have the energy to get any work done. Feeling discouraged was an understatement. But I knew I had to start looking for opportunities again.

The Real World

Networking: Something for Everyone

I’m sure all of us have been told that networking is super important and one of the most crucial  aspects of finding a job. However, as a psychology major, I always thought networking was only needed for students studying business, marketing, or management. I wanted to go to graduate school and get my PhD in psychology, why did I need to reach out to people? What I failed to understand was that networking is about so much more than getting a job in the future, it also gives you access to knowledge from people who already have been through what you’re going through, to insider tips, career advice, and so much more. 

Is It Just Me?

The Art of Moving Forward: Coping with Rejection and Uncertainty

One of my favourite movies as a child was Meet the Robinsons, a Disney film about a boy who travels to a place where anything is possible: the future. Now, as a senior in college, I dread thinking of the future and hearing the question What are you doing next year? As much as I try to remember this quote from the movie “keep moving forward”, it’s difficult to even think about doing that, especially when your plans don’t fall through and you have no idea what your next steps should be. 

Career Hacks

Five Ways to Make the Inevitable Job Search a Little More Bearable

You’ve done everything you’re supposed to. You worked hard in all your classes, embraced challenge after challenge (after challenge…) and consistently sought out opportunities for growth in the form of internships, jobs, and volunteer work. By now, your inbox should be filled with invitations for interviews and hiring managers should be tripping over themselves trying to get you to work for them, right? Well, not exactly.